Do you want to be recognized as one of the most sustainable companies by contributing towards a safe and healthy environment ?

We will help you to achieve this by collecting back the disposed Ilai's products to our service center to generate sustainable biomass energy without causing any harm to the environment. 

Our vision is to develop solutions for more sustainable consumption that fit into our modern, global world and that offer people and the environment added value along the entire value chain.

We will also offer discounts for the amount of waste collected from each customer. By this way, both the customer as well as Ilai co-create value for the company, to the environment as well as to their end-users.

You also get the chance to promote yourself as a socially responsible enterprise, taking step towards more sustainable food service practice.

Circular and socially responsible business model

Our  circular  business model drives change  through  our entire  value chain  so we can lead the way in tackling the climate crisis and resource depletion.

A linear, unconstrained model of production and consumption is not sustainable, and we are determined to lead our industry towards a better, circular, way of working. This means driving change throughout our business and our entire value chain. We are implementing a circular mindset into every step of our value chain from designing products and packaging to enabling our customers to care for our products as well as make them more responsible towards our environment.