hold the vision, trust the process

'' All the trees are losing their leaves, and not one of them is worried ''

Ilai's contribution to a circular economy

The manufacturing process does not require cutting or damage to the trees. The production process is natural and environmentally friendly and chemically free from beginning to end. Our disposable items are made of palm and sage leaves which are naturally hidden and harvested by local farmers in India. The leaves are then transported by the farmers to our workplace through sea freight. The leaves are then collected, sorted and cleaned with water. There are no chemicals or additives used throughout the manufacturing process. The leaves are then heated in various forms. Several plates, bowls and spoons can be made from a single areca palm leaf - it hardly means waste!. The final result is a refined but earthy natural work that will complement every meal.

Product Features

100 % biodegradable, durable

Can be used in oven and microwave, max 180 degrees for 30 minutes.

Tasteless and odorless and therefore does not affect the taste of food.

Light in weight and also robust.

Very economical and reusable.

Unique and individually customizable design.

Does not need commercial composting plant, which saves energy costs.

Handles all types of food such as hot food, liquids and oils.

It acts as a natural insulator that does not leak and does not impart taste.

 Has a unique look, with a beautiful texture and soft colors, giving elegance to any party or wedding table.

Make your event more special and memorable.

Can be thrown into the soil which later turns into organic fertilizer for the plant.

Our responsibility towards environment

We align ourselves to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2020

3.9 - Our products are 100% naturally biodegradable and wont pollute soil, water or air. It won’t cause any illness like plastic and foam based dinnerwares.

8.3 - Upliftment of micro-entrepreneurs and boost entrepreneurial spirit among them.

12.2 - Achieve sustainable management and efficient use of resources. After disposal it turns to manure and enrich soil.

12.5 - We can substantially reduce waste generation with earth friendly biodegradable dinnerwares which can be reused several times.

14.1 & 14.2 - Create healthy and productive oceans by preserving marine ecosystem, and strengthen their resilience by reducing waste caused by single-use plastic.

15.2 - Since our products are made from fallen leaves, we halt deforestation.