Everyone loves flowers but it takes even more to love the leaves!

We produce plates, bowls, cutlery and other products from fallen leaves through a 100% environmentally friendly process and biodegradable in 60 days.

All our products are LAB TESTED by The research institute of Sweden (RISE)

  We take care of both nature and you      

Our products are 100% natural, biodegradable and durable. They can be used at catering, restaurants, food events, weddings, parties, during trips, cafes and picnics. After use, our products are broken down in nature in 60 days. Our goal is to make as little impression as possible on our planet. We at Ilai are both committed and creative and are constantly looking for solutions that benefit both our customers and our planet.

We, BalajiKarthik and Aneesha, came to Halmstad to study the master's program in industrial management and innovation at Halmstad University. Initially, we did not consider starting a company in our new country, but after we became acquainted with the Swedish culture and how to build a company, we saw together an opportunity to combine South Indian tradition with Swedish innovation. In today's dark and polluted environment, a new approach is needed to lead us towards a clean and environmentally friendly world. Our big goal was to find a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic products. This led to the birth of Ilai AB.

We thought; why not use products and materials we already have? Our products are made from fallen leaves that are extruded with heat and can be reused. Our products come from nature and return to nature, thus adding value to the environment. We have in our family agriculture as our primary occupation and the idea is to involve the Indian locals in the production process and hopefully be able to launch the products in several countries in the future. In addition to having economic effects on farmers' lives, plates can help smaller entrepreneurs grow together with society by actively working towards a greener way of thinking.

This inspired us to start Ilai AB

In the beginning, we had a completely different sustainable idea when we came in contact with the HighFive student incubator in Halmstad. But after discussions and identification of opportunities in Sweden, we developed a completely different business idea and started Ilai AB.

Sustainability is very important to us! And we are aware of the outrageous developments at home in Tamil Nadu in southern India. Large global companies are allowed to establish their operations in fine fertile land. The result of the facilities is that the farmers are forced to move from farming to other occupations due to contaminated and infertile soil and water. This has affected the livelihoods of the local population and has thus prevented their rural economy from flourishing. We want to be producers of change who give a boost to the people of the local community by also increasing the entrepreneurial spirit among them. We are not against technological development, but from now on it will not happen in a sustainable way. Instead, we want to learn from the old traditions that have largely been forgotten.

Meet our team

Balajikarthik KC

Co-owner & CEO


Aneesha Mohan

Co-owner & vice president